What is the BrainOS Autonomy Services?

The BrainOS® platform includes a cloud-connected autonomy services that is used by end-users to manage and optimize their use of autonomous mobile robot applications at scale. The service comes in the form of a software subscription license that is separate from the purchase of an actual BrainOS-powered autonomous robot.

What do you get with your subscription?

This subscription covers everything you need to ensure seamless robotic operation across a range of operating environments. BrainOS Autonomy Services includes the following:

Robot operation

An intuitive graphical user interface and a patented “teach and repeat” methodology makes it easy to train an autonomous robot and run a route.

Autonomy technology

A powerful AI-based operating system powered by Brain Corp’s BrainOS system delivers unparalleled navigation and safety controls.

Reporting & analytics

Operational metrics delivered through graphical dashboards and daily email reports make robotic scrubber and delivery tug fleet management easier than ever.

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Ongoing innovation

New features, bug fixes and ongoing robot performance optimizations are released on a regular basis at no additional cost.

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Connectivity & infrastructure

Seamless cloud connectivity enables remote diagnostics, data infrastructure and storage.

Autonomy expertise

Get unmatched experience in autonomous technology, including six years of real-world robotic field experience and 250+ patents issued or pending.

BrainOS autonomy service in action

Scroll through the images below to see the different components of the service across robotics applications.

Graphical user interface

Every BrainOS-powered robot can be managed through an intuitive, graphical UI that is easy to learn and use across any application. End customers say user experience design is one of their key reasons for selecting a BrainOS robotic application.

New feature updates

A cloud-connected system makes it easy to deliver new and innovative features, such as “multiple consecutive routes,” for our BrainOS-enabled scrubbers. This powerful feature enables users to execute a series of cleaning routes one after the other.

Teach & repeat

A patented “teach and repeat” methodology makes it easy for end users to deploy a BrainOS robotic application. Operators drive the machine on its routes, which immediately become pre-programmed options within the interface.

Built-in safety

BrainOS-powered robots can navigate safely in high-traffic locations thanks to an array of sensors, which can be viewed within the UI under “How it Works.” This screenshot shows the sensors on a BrainOS-powered delivery tug.

Reporting dashboards

Managers can leverage graphical dashboards and daily email reports to verify and optimize the performance of their BrainOS autonomous robot applications. These reports show high-level operational data, as well as granular reporting on individual robots or entire fleets.

Visual heat maps

Through graphical reporting, users and managers can easily see which routes a commercial floor cleaning robot executed on any given day, including which spots they missed. This makes it easy to verify performance. This type of information was difficult if not impossible to get through traditional methods.

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