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3.5 Software Release & What It Means To You

August 22, 2022
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Shane Fisher
Product Marketing Manger

If your robot’s software works when you purchase it, won’t it continue to perform the same way? The answer is no — but that’s the beauty of software. It gets better and will deliver even more value over time. Why? Because software requires continuous improvements to operate efficiently, effectively and securely.

The BrainOS® technology platform includes a cloud-connected autonomy service that’s packaged within the various apps running on our AI software, BrainOS®. The autonomy service comes in the form of a software subscription license that covers everything you need to ensure seamless robotic operation across a range of operating environments. One part of this subscription bundle is the commitment to ongoing innovation. How do we deliver on this? Through regular software releases that ensure our customers’ operations get even smarter over time.

For example, customers running the CLEAN App — the application powering autonomous cleaning robots — can expect major software updates at least once per quarter. In between major releases, there are often patch updates that are smaller software updates within the same version. Whether they are patches or major releases, these software updates are generally how we deliver a variety of improvements to BrainOS® product applications. Software enhancements will fall into three main buckets — new features, usability improvements and bug fixes.

Release 3.5 | New Features

One of the new features delivered through the CLEAN App 3.5 release includes local enablement of certain preferences within the settings menu — meaning users can now toggle certain optional features on or off directly from the robot’s UI touchscreen. This allows the customer to decide which optional features are necessary for their particular cleaning environment. Unfamiliar with how these optional features work? Check out the Learning Center in the BrainOS® Mobile app to learn more.

toggling optional features on/off on the robot touchscreen

(Enable or disable optional features like Area Fill, Autonomous Beeps and Stop & Honk directly from Preferences within the Settings menu)

Release 3.5 | Usability Improvements

Usability improvements are optimizations that enhance ease of use, making the robot operator’s job simpler. In release 3.5, our R&D team improved the Area Fill feature — our teaching approach where operators simply drive the perimeter of an open space and rely on the robot to calculate how to clean the area inside all on its own — by implementing algorithmic enhancements that automatically segment complex spaces into more efficient cleaning sections that are better suited for real world environments. This “bit by bit” method vs an “all at once” approach increased cleaning efficiency by reducing overlap.

Area Fill map

(Notice how the large, irregular cleaning environment is segmented into five sections to avoid heavy overlap and single ranking direction)

Additionally, the user experience for subscribing to session alerts was improved by adding an additional access point for connecting to mobile alerts. Adding the additional access point prior to starting the autonomous route allows operators to scan a code to connect or send a text subscribing to notifications in case they forgot earlier.

Connecting to mobile alerts on the robot touchscreen

(More ways to connect and subscribe to session notifications — easy to use just got…easier!)

Release 3.5 | Additional Enhancements

Release 3.5 also included a few under the hood improvements that make the robot even smarter when operating in difficult environments. We took real world autonomous navigation data and applied it to our system to shrink the amount of corner cases — meaning we’re solving for hard-to-reproduce situations. We also packaged in some behind the scenes work that will noticeably reduce steering wheel movement during autonomous operation.

We’re constantly innovating on the BrainOS® platform to improve performance, enhance our customers’ experience and prove our ongoing commitment to developing best-in-class software. Stay up to date on the latest BrainOS® updates by bookmarking our infographic.

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