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Cleaning Robots are a Promising Solution for Healthcare Facilities

In the wake of the global pandemic, cleaning protocols and patient expectations have likely changed for the foreseeable future. How can healthcare organizations leverage innovative robotic technologies to drive trackable cleaning in their facilities? Download this new guide, “The Path to Autonomous Floor Cleaning: How Robotic Technologies Drive Cleaning Performance in Healthcare Facilities,” created in partnership with Tennant, to learn how autonomous machines can help tackle common challenges in cleaning healthcare facilities. In this guide, you will learn:
  • Key considerations for a successful robotics deployment
  • Change management tips
  • Building a business case for robotics at your facility
  • Choosing the right robotics vendor
  • How robotic cleaning machines work
Read more about why leading hospitals are relying on robotic cleaning equipment to enhance cleaning consistency and efficiency, give time back to custodial staff, and make a positive impression on patients and visitors.