Inventory robots are changing retail

Learn how retailers are using robots to improve the customer experience.

New technology for a new era

Robots offer transformational value, but until now have been relegated to tightly controlled operating environments. We’ve changed all that by creating pioneering AI software that our partners use to build autonomous machines that can navigate safely and efficiently in public indoor spaces like retail stores, airports, hospitals, and more. This unlocks new opportunities for businesses and their employees.


Expand workforce capacity

Give massive amounts of time back to employees by letting robots handle repetitive tasks, so they can focus on higher value duties.


Improve facility safety

Make your facilities safer for customers and employees by using robots for arduous tasks, like pulling heavy carts full of inventory and goods.


Leverage ‘accessible’ automation

Until now, automation was a huge investment. Not anymore. BrainOS®-powered robots require no custom infrastructure or specialised training.

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Powering the world’s largest fleet of autonomous mobile robots

Working with our manufacturing partners, Brain Corp operates the most robots of its kind across industries and applications. In each case, our robots are supporting people in everyday jobs.


In deployed autonomous robots in public spaces


69 Billion
Square feet covered autonomously


Autonomous robots deployed


4.9 Million
Total autonomous operational hours

What makes BrainOS-powered robots different?

Our robotic applications are unique in the industry for a number of key reasons, starting with safety.

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Safety first

Our safety-first architecture is unparalleled in the industry, and proven out by more than 1.5 million autonomous hours of commercial use.

A holistic approach

Each of our applications is tied together by a central platform, making the management, operation and reporting of robotic fleets much easier than siloed vendor approaches.

Easy to use

We pioneered best practices for human-robot interaction for commercial use, including our “teach and repeat” methodology, which empowers end users.

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