Robotic floor care

Cleaning has never been more important, yet many businesses are struggling with how to increase their cleaning capacity. Enter BrainOS-powered autonomous floor care machines, which enhance cleaning efficiency, while giving valuable time back to employees.

Powering the future of clean

Traditional, manual approaches to floor care cleaning are not sufficient in today’s changing world. Customers and employees have heightened expectations when it comes to their health and safety. BrainOS-powered machines deliver unique value across the board:

Improve cleaning consistency

Enhance cleaning coverage and consistency. Optimise and verify performance through graphical reporting and dashboards.

Keep up with the state of constant clean

Expand capacity by giving huge chunks of time back to employees for other key mission-critical tasks.

Promote cleaning as a brand value

Robotics is a clear sign of a brand’s commitment to cleaning, and to the health and safety of customers.

Differentiate your business through technology

Service contractors can gain a competitive edge and strengthen product offerings to customers.

Work with proven equipment

BrainOS powers best-in-class floor care machines made by the world’s top manufacturers.

Available solutions from our partners

Brain Corp works with leading global floor care manufacturers, combining the world’s best AI software technology with proven equipment that users know and trust.

Nilfisk Liberty SC60

The Liberty SC60 integrates seamlessly with cleaning teams and boasts a wide scrub deck, exemplary runtime, and minimal downtime requirements, making it ideal for large, indoor spaces.

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Address labor challenges, drive efficiencies and maintain a high standard of cleaning with the T380AMR, a robotic cleaning machine designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees so they can focus on high-value tasks.

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Minuteman Roboscrub 20

Minuteman International offers commercial and industrial maintenance products for the cleaning industry.

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Tennant T7AMR Rider-Scrubber

Tennant Company is a world leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing cleaning products and solutions.

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SoftBank Robotics Whiz

SoftBank Robotics designs and manufactures interactive and friendly robots.

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How Robots Help Retailers Meet Today’s Cleaning Challenges: An Introduction to Autonomous Floor Care

How Robots Help Retailers Meet Today’s Cleaning Challenges

Why choose a BrainOS-powered robot?

Navigate safely

With the most autonomous hours, BrainOS-enabled machines can navigate safely in busy environments.

Deploy quickly

Deploy fast and adapt to changes through a unique “teach and repeat” process where workers train the robot on where to clean.

Leverage operational metrics

Leverage cloud-based reporting to optimise cleaning performance, prove compliance, and show daily coverage.

Keep pace with innovation

Automatic software updates via the cloud ensures that users always have the latest features and capabilities.

Simplify cleaning

BrainOS-powered machines are a snap to use, thanks to graphical screens showing robot operators exactly what to do.