Inventory robots are changing retail

Learn how retailers are using robots to improve the customer experience.

Automate your operations with the help of robots

Robots are intelligent tools that create more productive teams. Our artificial intelligence (AI) software platform, BrainOS®, is helping companies worldwide automate their operations


Expand Workforce Capacity

Create more time by letting robots handle time consuming tasks like cleaning floors and scanning inventory.


Unlock New Data

Digitize your workflows so insightful data is readily available, allowing for operations to be observed and optimized.


Improve Facility Safety

Avoid user errors by pairing your employees with an intelligent robot.


Reduce Costs

Robots help flatten the curve of absenteeism, high attrition, and the cost to hire and train new staff.

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Powering the world’s largest fleet of autonomous mobile robots



In deployed autonomous robots in public spaces


133 Billion
Square feet covered autonomously


Autonomous robots deployed


9 Million
Total autonomous hours of operation
Braincorp Scrubber

Complete more critical tasks in less time


A perfect match: World-class autonomy + proven equipment

By partnering with top manufacturers, companies get robotic solutions that work seamlessly at scale.

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What makes the BrainOS® platform different?


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Proven Safety

Our safety-first artificial intelligence and sensor technologies are unparalleled in the robotics industry, allowing robots to decisively navigate safely around people and obstacles.

Comprehensive Tools

Each of our applications is tied together by our central platform, BrainOS®, making the management, operation and reporting of robotic fleets far easier than siloed vendor systems.

Simple Usability

BrainOS®-powered robots require no custom infrastructure, no specialized training and provide an intuitive user interface design that is quick and easy for your employees to learn.

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Information & Insights

Get the latest Brain Corp news and information about our advanced technologies, including best practices for our robotic business applications.