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The advantages of automating machines


Making a machine move autonomously and safely is no easy feat. We don’t need to learn how to build them too. Our laser focus on creating the world’s best robotics AI platform means that we can deliver rapid innovation and bring more robotic applications to market than ground-up robot builders.

Best in class across the board

Combining our leading AI software technology with proven manufacturing equipment means customers get the performance they can count on day after day. This translates directly into enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Service & Support

Partnering with leading manufacturing partners means customers get access to the service and support networks that best fit their business needs. Other robotic vendors can’t match the type of comprehensive support that is available through our partner network.

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How the technology works

Robot Perspective

Where am I?

For every new route, the robot draws its own 3D map using sensors and advanced technology while the operator runs the machine in manual mode. Then, operating autonomously, the robot localizes itself by comparing the 3D shapes in the current space with the shapes of the 3D map it created earlier.

Robot Perspective

What’s around me?

The robot constantly scans its location with sensors. It looks for changes in the environment and obstacles in its path – like people, boxes, displays and other vehicles. It detects and calculates their anticipated trajectory, and adjusts accordingly.

Robot Perspective

What will happen next?

BrainOS is the robot’s artificial intelligence system that processes a constant stream of visual images. When a robot sees people move into its planned path, it may initially slow down, or even pause, and wait for the situation to change or the path to clear. Close-proximity sensors detect when an object suddenly enters its immediate space, causing the robot to stop immediately.

Robot Perspective

What should I do?

Once the robot has enough information, it will calculate the best option to get around the object and proceed safely past, returning to its original route. If the robot’s path becomes permanently blocked, it will stop and send a message requesting help.

Robot Perspective

The building blocks of autonomy

Creating an AI software platform that can power autonomous robots at scale is no easy feat. It requires advanced software and sensors to ensure optimal performance. Click on the different components below to learn more.

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